Why Was Writer’s Ancestor Burned At The Stake?

WCAX (Vermont) is running a story by the Associated Press, And why was writer’s ancestor burned at the stake?>, about an author’s genealogy research into why his six-times-great grandfather ended up being burned at the stake, a fate that he himself helped seal for another person (he was not killed during the Salem Witch Trials, however he testified against somebody else who was). It’s a unique article, and raises some interesting questions. I am descended (along with probably millions of other Americans) from somebody who was killed during the trials. I’ve read probably a dozen books on the matter, have watched probably 20+ hours worth of shows (around Halloween, the History Channel turns into the Salem Channel), and I’ve seen all kinds of explanations. The author of this article takes another look at how some things could have happened (as well as the irony in his own ancestor’s end).

Excerpt from the article:

It took a while for me to come to terms with the reality that my ancestor contributed to the Salem witch trials, an event in American history that still horrifies and fascinates many.

How could he, like others, turn against his neighbors?

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