Locals Decode The Past Through Genealogy

Kathryn Sheranko has an article, Locals decode the past through genealogy, in the Cranberry Journal (PA), about normal, every day genealogists, and the brick walls they hit and the solutions they find. Just a positive article about genealogy as a hobby, as well as mentioning the value of genealogy clubs.

Excerpt from the article:

In the quest to discover his ancestors, Robert Greb’s figurative brick wall turned into an ocean.

The Atlantic.

Like a Sherlock Holmes novel in reverse, the trail went dead when the boat reached the harbor in America.

“You get frustrated at times,” says Greb, who began dabbling in genealogy about a decade ago, post-retirement and in need of a hobby.
Names of his relatives that did not travel to America, choosing to stay in Germany, eluded him. He began attending Cranberry Genealogy Club meetings for help.

“Going to the genealogy club has helped me because they give you ideas. You get frustrated at times and when you go to these meetings, maybe somebody found that or figured that out,” he says.

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