Preserving Ristory Through Registry Restoration

Bonnie Delaney, writing in the Asbury Park Press, has an important article, Preserving history through registry restoration, that covers well, saving/preserving registries. There is who knows how much history sitting around city halls and county courthouses, that are in danger of being lost forever. The information found in various historical registers is staggering, when looked at from a genealogist’s point of view.

Digitizing a Million Books

If you are curious at just what it takes to digitize over a million books, has an article by Kate Greene that you may want to read. It mentions the two major scanning projects going on – Google’s cooperative efforts with Harvard, Stanford, the University of Michigan, the University of Oxford, and the New York Public Library, and the Million Book Project at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. While Google is secretive about how they are doing, the article discusses the Million Book Project’s efforts and resources.