Library Gets Another Tool to Aid Genealogy Searches

Krista Corner has an article in the Havre Daily News (North-Central Montana), Library gets another tool to aid genealogy searches, about some work being done to increase the genealogy resources for a library, and the area as a whole, including some unique local genealogy records. Eventually it looks like it will be available online, which will be welcome news to those who are outside of Montana (I’ve driven through Montana, it’s a great state, but it has its quirks).

Excerpt from the article:

Thanks to donors and volunteers, residents now have another resource to use in researching their family’s past.

Havre-Hill County Library director Bonnie Williamson on Monday said a new computer and Web site are valuable assets to those searching their families’ past.

People can use the site to access information on Fort Assinniboine, Havre churches, Hill County, Montana State University-Northern, Havre, the Havre Daily News, the post office, the Hill County Cemetery District’s records and other items. A history of Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation is available as well as information on surrounding counties.

Eventually you will be able to find the site here ( For now, it’s available if you are researching in the library.

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