Civil War Veterans’ Descendants Meet

Dwight Dana has an article in The Morning News Online (Florence, SC), Descendants of two Civil War veterans meet about, what else, descendants of Civil War veterans meeting.

The tattered remains of the Pee Dee Rifles flag flew again in spirit Tuesday when the descendants of two Civil War veterans met for the first time in the S.C. Confederate Relic Room and Museum.

Sara Napier Allen of Columbia and Marion Gunter Langston of Timmonsville heard stories their grandfather and great-grandfather, respectively, had told about the Battle of Chancellorsville, May 1-4, 1863, in Virginia.

Allen’s grandfather, Dr. James Lane Napier, was injured and was rescued under fire by Langston’s great-grandfather, Thomas Spencer Langston. He carried Napier, who was only 16, almost a mile from the battlefield.

Interesting story, and one that will hopefully become more common as people do more genealogy research and dig up the stories of their ancestors. Sarah Allen mentions one of the things she wants to do before she dies is find the family Bible, and hopefully if enough people in the Florence area see the article, she might just get that chance.

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