A Quick Look at MacPAF

MacPAF is (I think) nearing a public release. MacPAF if modeled after Personal Ancestral File (PAF) for Mac, and for those who are waiting to upgrade their genealogy software and who are looking for a replacement for PAF for Mac, this might just be the application you are looking for. While there are more mature Mac genealogy applications (and the list has grown to a dozen or so active Mac applications, which really surprised me), and that have more features, MacPAF is more geared towards those used to PAF for Mac.

I read that the developer is working on making it TempleReady as well as having LDS Ordinance indicators. I’m not that familiar with what all that means, but I understand it is important to Mormon genealogists.

I look forward to future versions, as I got a chance to play around with MacPAF for a few minutes, and I liked how intuitive it was as far as navigation (it’s hard to describe without seeing it in action).

It’s unfortunate that the LDS Church has stopped updating their genealogy software, but I’m glad that somebody has picked up where they left off (and it’s not just MacPAF – There is an application called Personal Ancestry Writer II that is also oriented towards providing a modern version of PAF for Mac). I have heard that the LDS Church is working on online software, which I guess is where things are slowly moving (several of the major Windows genealogy applications are geared towards pushing you to use online resources), and while I have nothing against any of that (I have a website setup with The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding, which I think is the best online genealogy application, hands-down, but PhpGedView is a good alternative for free, if you don’t want to pay for TNG). Anyways, enough of my ramblings.

You can read more about it at the developer’s homepage or MacGenealogy.org

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