Ancestry Doubles Historical Newspaper Collection is reporting that they’ve doubled their newspaper collection to a 1,000 different newspapers with over 16 million pages indexed.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve found it slightly difficult to search through there – it’s great if it has the name indexed, but when I have to manually search the newspaper page (it doesn’t really give you exactly where it’s at) it can be tedious.

What’d I’d like is the ability to have the pages in text or Adobe Acrobat/PDF. I have found information (obituaries, etc.), but it would be great if there was a text index to make it easier (and have it matched with an image of the page so that you have it in context.

I want somebody to do an iTunes for newspapers. I would gladly pay a small amount for old newspapers if I could get both text and a good scan of the page, and if it was incredibly easy to find, store (I guess that’s what Clooz is for), and refer back to.

You can read more about it at

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