Maine Seafaring Ancestors a Fascinating Topic

Roxanne Moore Saucier has another intersting article for her column in the Bangor Daily News (Maine), Maine seafaring ancestors a fascinating topic , about some of the unique things we find out about our ancestors.

lara Pendleton Blanchard, one of the Searsport Pendletons, had six children in the 19th century – three of them born at sea. John Battick describes Blanchard’s spouse, William H. Blanchard, as “husband, ship captain – and midwife.”

In fact, Blanchard was known for his delivery skills to the point that other captains, if their wives were about to give birth, hoped that Blanchard might be in port when the time came.

Battick spoke recently on “Maine Seafaring Ancestors” at a meeting of Frances Dighton Williams Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution.

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