Most-Wanted Time Capsules

The International Time Capsule Society has listed their most-wanted time capsules. They list nine time capsules that go back to the 1790s (including one involving George Washington as well as one that concerns the MASH TV series) that are missing, and that they hope to recover or at least document.

Time capsules usually are lost due to thievery, secrecy or poor planning. Finding them will enrich posterity by assuring that independent voices are heard in the future. The International Time Capsule Society, which has formed with the mission to record the burial of all time capsules, is still in search of nine time capsules of which little is known.

They request that information concerning the whereabouts of any of the lost capsules be reported to ITCS The society was formed in 1990 at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, where a world record time capsule is located. Its purpose is to maintain a registry of time capsules, study them and provide information on the subject. Paul Hudson is the contact person.

International Time Capsule Society

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