Richmond Dig Could Reveal More on Slave Trade in Virginia

WVEC (Hampton Roads, Virginia) has an article by Dionne Walker of the Associated Press, Richmond dig could reveal more on slave trade in Virginia, about the excavation of a parking lot in Richmond (VA) that could reveal quite a bit. The site is a former holding pen, jail, school, and a few other companies. Interesting to imagine that there would be that much from the 1860s, but they are talking about having to go eight feet down before getting to the Civil War layer.

George G. Morgan’s ‘Along Those Lines ‘ Column – Update and an Important Article

I’ve been very busy the past few days, and didn’t realize that when updated their site and moved a lot of their daily/weekly news and columns into their Family History Circle blog, that one of the changes they made – they dropped George G. Morgan’s ‘Along Those Lines’ column, one of the better written columns on their site.

Have no fear, he has started his own blog at

You can still read his older columns (they go back almost eight years) at

He has a very important column this week, and normally I don’t like to do large excerpts, but this was very interesting, at least the circumstances surrounding it. Once you read it, one might conclude that it’s a good thing that he’s writting his column on a site he controls: