Genealogy Project Earns Girl Scout Gold Award (Highest GS Award)

The Patriot News (PA) has word that a family genealogy project has earned a Girl Scout a “Gold Award”, the highest award a Girl Scout can receive. Emily Clemens of Troop 368 (Penn Laurel Girl Scout Council) not only researched her family’s history, but gave a presentation/workshop on her genealogy project as well as how to use the genealogy information.


For her Gold Award project, she researched the genealogy of her family and shared that information with the community, providing handouts including the best Web sites, books, magazines and software to use for researching family history. She also offered a workshop on how to use the information she gathered.

It’s always good to see younger people get involved with genealogy, especially to be associated with something as high profile as this. Unfortunately there is not much else to this article.

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