Climbing the Branches of Her Family Tree

Climbing the branches of her family tree, an article in The Connectict Post by Robin Marshall, is kind of neat little article about somebody (Robin) just getting into genealogy. Robin is a Professor of Journalism at Southern Connecticut State University. I thought it was kind of funny that she thought she would never have the time, but once she got into it, she started putting aside other things.

Excerpt from the article:

With notebooks and loose scribbles floating around my computer, my workroom is beginning to look the way it did when I used to prepare for exams. But this mess is the part of my voyage into the past. I’m searching for my ancestors.

Genealogy has never interested me, but my Aunt Martha, who died several years ago, left an album of aging photos and information about my mother’s ancestors, the Nelson side of our family. As she and a friend worked on the project, she told me about their travels through the South to find official records, and it was interesting, but I was sure I would never have time for such a project. But now that I’ve gotten into it, I’m putting other things aside because I want to know about my father’s Ahrens side.

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