Who Was Henry Ferriss and Where is He Buried?

Denise Crosby asks Who was Henry Ferriss and where is he buried?, in The Beacon News (Illinois) about a lost tombstone that almost ended up in the city dump.

If any of that sounds familiar, they could use some help in identifying who Henry was, and where he ended up at. Denise’s contact information is linked at the at the article above, or perhaps contact the Aurora Historical Society. It’s a genealogy mystery worth solving, so that Chapin can get the tombstone out of his truck.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: A “Found” Cemetery is a Treasure

Good article, RANDOM THOUGHTS: A “found” cemetery is a treasure, in the Crossville Chronicle, (Cumberland County, TN), by Dorothy Copus Brush, about people who go out of there way to clean up cemeteries as well as document them. Without these people over the past decades, there is no telling how much important genealogical information would have been lost, as well as families being able to find some closure and/or care for the graves of their ancestors.

Clooz Beta, House History, and Genealogy

I see that Clooz 2.0 is undergoing beta testing. Clooz is billed as a “electronic filing cabinet that assists you with search and retrieval of important facts you have found during the ancestor hunt” by its developers, and they’ve certainly added a few interesting things.

Three things about this new version of Clooz jumped out at me (and they certainly helped me decide to add this to my collection of genealogy software)