Take What You Came With

Jason Probst has an article in The Hutchinson News (Kansas) that could serve as a friendly reminder to always check the items you haul around with you to a library, or in this case, courthouse. It’s an article about the lost and found at the Reno County Courthouse, including some genealogy documents.

Google Notebook

For those of you who use Yahoo! Notepad to store genealogy information online or when traveling, Google announced last week something similar, although with a few more features. It’s called Google Notebook, and CNet explained that it can do quite a bit more – including grabbing text and pictures, as well as going full screen, with drag and drop item placement/organization, as well as emailng the information to others. It does require a Google account and will be available sometime this week through Google Labs.

Following Footsteps

There is an article, Following footsteps on icNorthWales, by Steve Stratford, covering a group of Americans who are traveling to North Wales in order to do genealogy research and to see where their families came from. I’ve read that because of the amount of genealogy information that is being made available on the internet, that it is reducing the amount of travel genealogists do, and while that maybe true to an extent, I think for a lot of people, nothing beats actually seeing a place in person.