Personal Ancestral File – Tutorial – Updated

Although it’s been mentioned in the past (and wasn’t just recently created), a little blurb on is a good reminder about the Perosnal Ancestral File (PAF) Tutorial available at BYU. It does look like it’s been updated.

Many people still use PAF, especially those who are looking to accomplish certain tasks, and so it’s worth repeating – if you use PAF or are thinking about it, check out this tutorial:

Printable Maps of the US

If you are looking for a printable map of the United States (or several actually), for one genealogy project or another (perhaps tracking migration, where everybody is living now, etc.), then look no further than – The maps are in several different formats/sizes, and there are even individual state maps.

A compliment to these is the Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas, that I’ve mentioned before, that covers historical maps. The PCL collection has a large range of maps covering various periods of history (not just the US, but the world as well).

Yahoo’s Babel Fish

Yahoo has updated their translation site – If you need webpages or snippets of text translated, such as historical documents or newspaper articles, you can paste them in (either the URL or the 150 words of text) and it’ll spit out the translated text.

Very handy when working with international records.

Update: From a genealogical perspective, Yahoo inherited Babel Fish from Overture, who bought it with AltaVista. This is the actual, official launch under the Yahoo brand.