DearMYRTLE’s Family History Hour

If you are looking for something genealogy-related to listen to on your iPod or other MP3 playing device (or even something to burn to an audio CD for your car), you might give the DearMYRTLE’S Family History Hour a look (or rather a listen).

There’s a lot of genealogy information, hints, tips, etc., as well as discussions of subjects that are “supplemental” to genealogy, so to speak (photography, online research, etc.).

Unfortunately her daughter was recently involved in an accident, and she is not currently recording her Family History Hour (it might resume in December), but she does have several hours worth going back to August, available online. She’s done a lot for the genealogy community, and we hope everything turns out okay for her daughter.

There is also the Genealogy Guys Podcast which recently started up, and it’s a couple of guys talking about, what else, genealogy, on a weekly basis.

Both DearMYRTLE’s and the Genealogy Guys have full listings of what each show is about on their respective websites.

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