Englishman searching for his roots, ends up in Mexico

Two genealogists from the UK, tracking down some great uncles that left the UK in the 1860s found themselves in Mexico. Mexico, Missouri, that is. Zach Mortice writes about the two and their family reunion in The Mexico Ledger (Mexico, MO):

Over an all American lunch of tenderloin sandwiches and french fries, a little bit of family history was made Wednesday at the Jackson Street Diner.

It was the first time in possibly centuries that the two branches of the Bickleys – that is, the Devon, England Bickleys and the Mexico, Mo. Bickleys, saw each other face to face.

This trans-Atlantic tryst was the design of Roger Bickley and his wife Anthea, two genealogy enthusiasts from the United Kingdom who found themselves crossing back over the Atlantic, looking for their roots in what used to be a frontier land populated by immigrants – Mexico, Mo.

Kind of a reversal of genealogy trips – I wonder how many people from Europe and points elsewhere have traveled to other countries seeking out descendants of those who left many years before.

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