500+ Year Old Document From A Very Important Genealogist

From 50 connect.co.uk, we have an article about an interesting document that’s now available online. It’s referred to as Mostyn MS 88, and was written sometime between 1488 and 1498 by Gutun Owain from Shropshire.

Excerpt from the article:

The National Library Of Wales have put a fascinating fifteenth century manuscript online, the majority of which (pages 9-83) were written by Gutun Owain, born to a noble family in the lordship of Oswestry and baptised Gruffudd ap Huw ab Owain. He was a student of Dafydd ab Edmwnd (fl. 1450-97) and it is said that both were present at the Carmarthen Eisteddfod of 1450.

Although he’s mainly as a poet he was proficient in a number of fields. He was the most important genealogist of his time and was a member of the commission appointed by Henry VII to trace the genealogy of his grandfather Owain Tudur.

The manuscript site (llgc.org.uk) and National Library of Wales.

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