Experts to Offer Free Appraisals of Attic Treasures (Pittsburgh)

Bethany Hoffstetter has an article, Experts to offer free appraisals of attic ‘treasures’, in the Pittsburg Tribune-Review, about the Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center hosting an interesting event, “Fling or Keep? What to Do with Your Attic Treasures”, this weekened (saturday to be precise). Hopefully it won’t cause people to go out and sell family heirlooms.

With the rising popularity of appraisal shows and interest in genealogy, collecting and researching family history has become the new craze. The history center hopes to provide Pittsburghers with the resources to discover more about the treasures around their homes.

Some of these shows drive me nuts as you’ll see conversations likes this:

Person: “Well my great-great-grandmother bought this when she was 15 – she saved up for six months, and it’s been in the family every since”
Host: “You’ll be glad to know, that this is actually over two hundred years old, and worth $5,000!”
Person: “Where can I sell it?”

For more information: Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center

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