Following Footsteps

There is an article, Following footsteps, on icNorthWales, by Steve Stratford, covering a group of Americans who are traveling to North Wales in order to do genealogy research and to see where their families came from. I’ve read that because of the amount of genealogy information that is being made available on the internet, that it is reducing the amount of travel genealogists do, and while that maybe true to an extent, I think for a lot of people, nothing beats actually seeing a place in person.

Excerpt from the article:

Members of the Wynne Genealogy Club from the States will visit relatives and see the original homes of their ancestors at the invitation of the mayor of Caerwys, Phillip Parry.

There is an important historical connection between Caerwys and Philadelphia in the USA. Thomas Wynne, a local surgeon, sailed on The Welcome in 1682 with William Penn.

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