Colonial Skeleton Stumps Archaeologists

Over at Sci-Tech Today, there is an interesting article from the Associated Press, Colonial Skeleton Stumps Archaeologists, about trying to identify remains from Colonial America in the 1600s. I’ve read another article in a magazine that mentioned some genealogy work that was done in England to find his sister (as you’ll see, they thought they had found her, and took DNA samples, however they turned out to be wrong.

100th Birthdays May Become the Norm in Some Nations

According to TODAYonline (Singapore), reaching 100 years old may become the norm in some nations:

They go on to talk about it may widen the gap between nations, but I just want to look at it from the point of view of genealogy – I’m not sure how it would change things, but I know it would make them very interesting. Could you imagine if this had been case within the past 60 years, and how much it would have changed your genealogy research?

Something to ponder.