Tracking Your South Asian Diaspora Roots

Being in the US and because of the target audiences of most of the media here, I don’t often hear about genealogy research in other countries outside of European and African genealogy research. We are in luck though – Francis C. Assisi has put together an article, Tracking Your South Asian Diaspora Roots ( about Indian/South Asian genealogy research, and some of the problems and successes that those researching this area of genealogy come across.

So there’s a racist in your family

Samantha Swindler has a great article that some of us maybe able to identify with. It’s called “So there’s a racist in your family“, and it’s published in the Daily Progress, Jacksonville, Texas. She has a very important lesson that many should take to heart – in the course of your genealogy research, you may come across some information and relatives that are a bit unsettling for one reason or another, but always remember that you are not your ancestors.