Google Maps Has Street Maps For Most/All of Europe

According to Google Maps Mania, Google Maps has added street maps for most/all of Europe – good news for those who use the service in their look-ups and what not. Some people are saying that not all parts were updated, although it maybe more of a localization/server issue (i.e. the changes haven’t been pushed out to the servers they are using).

Google Maps Europe.

You can read more (as well as the changes) here.

140 Year Old Family Heirloom Retrieved

A very interesting article in The Herald Bulletin, by Melanie D. Hayes, about a genealogist receiving a civil war medal that an ancestor had earned, and that nobody in the family had heard about. His great-great-grandfather was killed in action in Virginia in 1864, and was awarded a medal as a result.

The article mentions that just for West Virginia Civil War soldiers alone, there were over 5,000 medals that went unclaimed.

Tony Robinson (Baldrick in Blackadder) and “Sexy National Archives”, Genealogy

The Daily Telegraph has an article by Ben Fenton about Tony Robinson (Baldrick in Blackadder, as well as Time Team) and his family’s history. Those of you who follow him, know that he’s now become well-known for helping to popularise archaeology, but surprisingly, he hasn’t looked into his family history all that much. That’s changed recently.

A very intersting article, and worth reading, but I’m a bit worried that people with only a mild interest in genealogy will read it and come away thinking that genealogy is just as easy as the click of a mouse button.